Bariatric treatment

Bariatric surgery is a series of surgical alternatives performed on people with obesity to help them lose weight and improve their health.

Gastric sleeve

It is performed through laparoscopy and by Vertical gastrectomy technique removes 80 percent of the stomach leaving the new stomach shaped like a banana, in this surgery removes much of the hormone ghrelin which contributes to reduce anxiety and appetite, which, together with surgery, allows have results from the first days of surgery until achieving the desired results permanently.

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Gastric bypass

The surgery with the most convincing results for weight loss and control of cardiovascular diseases consists of creating a union between the esophagus and the small intestine joined by a small pouch of a walnut-sized portion of the stomach, characterized by a malabsorption process which allows effective weight loss with permanent results.

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Mini gastric bypass

It involves the creation of a small gastric pouch by dividing the stomach. This pouch is then connected to a section of the small intestine further down, which reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold and limits the absorption of calories and nutrients. Mini gastric bypass is similar to traditional gastric bypass, but involves fewer disruptions to the gastrointestinal tract and has a lower complication rate.

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Intragastric ballon

It is a non-surgical alternative to achieve weight reduction in patients who have tried to change their lifestyle without success. This alternative consists of a silicone balloon that is placed in the stomach through the mouth with the help of an endoscope. The balloon is filled with saline, which makes the stomach feel fuller and limits the amount of food that enters the stomach.

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Gastric botox

It is a non-surgical medical procedure that involves injecting botulinum toxin into the stomach to help reduce the size of the stomach and therefore limit the amount of food, it works by temporarily relaxing the stomach muscle, decreasing its capacity and makes patients feel full more quickly. However, the effect of Botox is temporary and generally lasts six months, after which a new injection may be required to continue the weight loss process until the goal is achieved.

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